Low Clearance POI Data

This is  how you can quickly and simply help eliminate one of the biggest stresses a driver can face:


By enhancing your GPS Unit and Mapping Software with the Most Effective Low Clearance Alert System for the US. In addition to reducing stress, this unique data will save you time, fuel, and money. You’ll be a safer, more prepared, and a more confident driver, while protecting your cargo and your family.

We know all too well how driving a big vehicle can be challenging enough without the added burden of low clearance hazards to worry about, and yet every year we happily travel thousands of miles safe in the knowledge that those big accidents only ever happen to other people. Of course we never set out to be complacent, but sometimes events just unravel in a way you can never predict.

In our experience we have seen so many times how a combination of unexpected bad weather and a forced diversion has resulted in disaster, especially at night.

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Our research has uncovered:

  • There are an estimated 5,000 low hazard collisions in the USA causing over 100 million dollars’ worth of damage to public and personal property.
  • Every year there are approximately 1000 injuries and 5 fatalities in strike incidents, not to mention that the fines for damaging a bridge are huge.
  • There are still too many unmarked low clearances out there, and many signs have become too dirty, obscured or faded to read properly, particularly at night or in heavy rain, snow, mist or fog.
  • No matter how rigorously you plan your journey even the most experienced drivers can get caught out, especially after a diversion when you’re likely to be distracted.
  • Dealing with the aftermath of a big accident is one of the biggest stresses a driver can face.


Do you really want to take the risk of losing your vehicle, your cargo, or your life? To combat the low clearance problem a highly accurate Points of Interest (POI) database has been designed specifically to integrate with your navigation system to help protect you from the unexpected dangers of low hazards.


The database provides:

  • Over 3900 alert locations across the US
  • Simplified safe route planning
  • Audible and visual alerts
  • Customization to suit the height of your vehicle
  • The largest US low clearance database ever available
  • Reduced driver stress
  • Optimization for your route to save time and fuel
  • Regular updates
  • A system developed with the driver community


Route1 includes alerts on and off the major routes so it’s perfect for truckers and RVers alike. It covers a wide range of heights from as low as 5’6’’ all the way up to 15’11’’ under railroad bridges, overpasses, & pedestrian walkways. The database also has alerts for covered bridges, truss bridges, and even tunnels.


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