Avoid Low Clearances…

GPS & Mapping Software Now Helps Truckers and
RV Drivers Avoid Low Clearances.


Our newly updated product to help drivers avoid low clearances is on the market. ‘Route-1’ is a database of more than 5000 low clearances on major and minor roads in the United States & Canada, and works with popular low-cost GPS and mapping systems such as Garmin, TomTom, Rand McNally, MapSource, Google Earth, Microsoft Streets & Trips, and BaseCamp. It is also compatible with iOS & Android devices (TomTom & Google Earth Apps only)

With the ‘Route-1’ POI database installed, a driver’s GPS system will issue an audible warning for a low clearance on the route ahead. The height is shown on the screen, allowing the driver to continue or take an alternative route that avoids the height restriction.

The alerts can be set to trigger miles ahead of the potential hazard, giving the driver ample time to take any necessary diversion to avoid the hazard. The driver can opt to receive alerts for all low clearances whatever their height, or only for the ones that are lower than the height of the vehicle.

The task of planning and checking a safe route is simplified, with any low clearances on the route shown clearly in the mapping software or on the GPS map display before departure. If the driver is diverted away from the pre-planned route, the GPS will automatically work out a new route and continue to issue clearance alerts to the driver.

Professional drivers have an extensive knowledge of low clearance locations and plan their routes carefully to avoid problems. But if a driver is diverted onto unfamiliar roads, they need a backup system to protect themselves and the vehicle, not to mention any low clearances that may be encountered.

Every year there are hundreds of bridge strikes in the US and the trend is rising as traffic volumes increase. What truck and large RV drivers need is a simple and low cost countermeasure, which is possible using modern mapping and GPS technology.

Drivers can purchase the ‘Route-1’ POI database from: LowClearances.com

‘Route-1’ is a live resource that is regularly updated to improve coverage, and users can download the latest release at any time.